Thank You for Joining Us!

We appreciate all who made our convention a success. Division 56 extends very special thanks to Joan Cook, Amy Ellis, and Vanessa Simiola for their excellent work planning this year's convention and suite programs. Please see below for slides from the various presentations.

Symposium: Addressing Trauma-Related Issues and Problems in Healthcare Systems

Chair: Terri deRoon-Cassini

Screening and Treating Trauma Survivors for PTSD and Depression at a Level 1 Trauma Center
Terri deRoon-Cassini | Download Slides

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Symposium: Dating Violence Among Understudied Populations: Victimization, Outcomes, Treatment, and Culture

Chair: Carlos A. Cuevas

Dating Violence Victimization and Perpetration among Latino Youth: Results Using Longitudinal Data
Carlos A. Cuevas and Chiara Sabina | Download Slides

Outcomes from a Targeted Dating Violence and HIV/STD Prevention Program for Girls
Christie J. Rizzo, Meredith C. Joppa, David Barker, & Larry K. Brown | Download Slides

Peer and Teen Dating Violence Among LGBT Youth: Correlates With Anxiety & Suicidal Behaviors
Dorothy L. Espelage & Gabriel J. Merrin | Download Slides

Marianismo Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Dating Violence
Elizabeth Terrazas-Carrillo & Chiara Sabina | Download Slides

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Symposium: Forensic Practice With Vulnerable Populations: The Victim-Victimizer-Victim Cycle

Chair: Steven N. Gold

Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Histories of Death Penalty Defendants
Steven N. Gold | Download Slides

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Symposium: Helping Veterans with Reintegration and Recovery in Community Settings

Chairs: Sonya Norman & Joan Cook

Resources for Veterans and the Providers Who Care for Them
Sonya Norman | Download Slides

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Symposium: Trauma and Caregiving: Complicated Situations and Solutions

Chair: Laura S. Brown

How Can I Care for the Person Who Harmed Me: Abuse Survivors as Filial Caregivers
Laura S. Brown | Download Slides

Caregiving for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury
Amy Jak | Download Slides

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