Theory & Practice

Mental Health Mobile Phone Application Review Database - More than 40 mobile phone (iOS and Android) apps have been reviewed by experts in the field to provide information for clinicians hoping to augment services. 


Psychologist's Role in Interrogation Report - In 2008, a task force was commissioned to investigate the role of psychologists in interrogation practices. 


Trauma Research and IRB - This document can help those conducting trauma-informed research with overcoming common hurdles in the IRB process. 


Graduate and Undergraduate Course Syllabi - Example syllabi provided as guides for those teaching trauma-related courses and seminars. 

Trauma-Focused Doctoral and Internship Training Programs - This list can help individuals find programs and training sites that are focused on providing trauma-informed curriculum. 

Textbook Grades - This section provides information about how well textbooks cover trauma-related issues. 

Guidelines on Trauma Competencies for Education and Training - These guidelines have been accepted by APA as the standard for educating psychologists about the effects of psychological trauma. 

Division Policy

Policies and Procedures for Division 56 - These policies were approved by the executive council in August 2019.