Monograph Series

The Division 56 "Concise Guides on Trauma Care" Series, published by APA Books, provides compact, translational books to connect the best of empirical research with the real-world issues faced by clients and mental health professionals. The Series brings together leaders from the trauma field as authors and editorial board members. The Editorial Board includes: Ann Chu (Series Co-Editor), Anne DePrince (Series Co-Editor), Joan Cook, Catherine Classen, Lisa DeMarni Cromer, Amber Douglas, Kathy Kendall-Tackett, Sandra Mattar, and David Wolfe.


Division 56 publishes its own scholarly journal, Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, which focuses on enhancing trauma psychology scholarship. Members are encouraged to submit articles that further the field's understanding of how trauma affects the lives of those who experience the events, as well as the individuals who seek to help alleviate the negative emotional consequences.


Listservs are one of the primary methods for keeping our members informed of important division information. All members are automatically signed up for the announcement listserv; however, all others require you to sign up to receive the information. Please click on any of the links below to become a member of a particular listserv.

  • Announcement Listserv - Used for official division business, such as sending out the newsletter or calls for nominations.
  • Child Trauma Listserv - For those interested in how traumatic experiences effect a child's development, as well as effective treatment and assessment options.
  • Dissociation Listserv - Provides members information about the latest developments in dissociation research and treatment.
  • Early Career Psychologist Networking Listserv - A list specifically for our ECP members, which focuses on relevant convention and division business for those in the first seven years of their career.
  • Executive Committee Leadership Forum - This list is for Division 56 leadership, and is not open to the general membership.
  • Member Listserv - This list allows members to post information, referrals, or request resources from others within the division.
  • Student Forum Listserv - The place for students who are interested in trauma research or practice to gain information about Division 56 activities and opportunities to get involved.


The Trauma Psychology Newsletter is published three times yearly, and is actively soliciting contributions from Division 56 members, including ECPs and students. The newsletter provides members up to date information from various committees, as well as upcoming division events and supported projects.


The website offers rich resources about trauma psychology for Division 56 members, including audio recordings of our featured convention symposia, training programs, and electronic copies of the division's newsletter.


The Division 56 research networking wiki is an interactive site that allows trauma researchers and those with resources for conducting research projects a setting that facilitates exchange and communication. You will need a free Google account to sign in to this collaborative resource.